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Do you want to personate the space pirate and ex member of elite military unit in order to fight with the enemies on the planet, which has been overrun by wild tribes? Bulletstorm download lets you fight on the planet with mainly carnivorous plants. It is a crzy shooter that was created in Polish studio called People Can Fly. We will eliminate the enemies with the use of so-called skillshots, on a very spectacular methods, that is to say. Because of that, we will be assessed with points.

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Effective shooter by Polish studio

Bulletstorm is a shooter set in a very distant future. We move here to the XXVI century. It is one of the most successful Polish games recently released. Polish gaming market is surely becoming more and more developed. They offer more and more interesting positions. People Can Fly studio confirms that thanks to their latest very interesting premiere – Painkiller.

The game’s story

Confederation of Planets, one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy, is governed by charismatic general Sarrano. The boundaries of his empire are guarded by elite unit Dead Echo. Our task is to personate Grayson Hunt – who once was part of this group but now he works alone and he became the pirate as well as public enemy number one. As Grayson Hunt, we will move to a planet called Stygia. Once it was a luxury entertainment centre. Now, it is ruled by the bloodthirsty plants and is awfully unkempt. The only people who survived in here are people who belongs to the wild tribes living out there. If you want to experience a fantastic adventure in this world, Bulletstorm download is here, waiting!

Game mechanics

As it was stated in the introduction, Bulletstorm is a first person player shooter. Additionally, we will find here very effective close combat system. Our character will be able to for example kick enemies with his heavy, soldier boots or perform effective slides. We can also use so-called energy leash – it will let us on catching the enemy and grab the enemy. Grayson Hunt is equipped with very wide arsenal of weapons – he possesses different types of carbines and shotguns. What is more, he is equipped with special, very powerful types of weapons, such as sentry gun that shoots explosive bullets. Interestingly, you can kick is like a football.

In here, we gather points for killing of the enemies. The number of points we collect depends from performing so-called skillshots. The more effective method we use to kill off the enemy, the more points we are going to get. For regular kill, we obtain 10 points. For a shoot in the back of the head we receive 25 points. By using energy leash or any other effective methods we receive much more. Gathered points can be used to modify weapons. It will let us another unusual methods of combat – we can for example acquire the carbine that shoots 100 rounds and can tear the flesh from the bones of our enemies.

Game modes

The game is most of all first person shooter designed for single player. However, we can participate in team matches. An interesting option is also Echo mode, where in addition to regular difficulties, we also have to deal with the time that is passing by.

If you are the fan of shooters, but you are bored by standard ones, and you are looking for something more, Bulletstorm is the game just for you. It will move you to the gorgeous world and let you experience unusual adventure. So, if you feel like playing it, Bulletstorm download is the option made for you.

Bulletstorm Free Download on PC

Bulletstorm Download

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