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The players, who open Age of Empires IV, will once again have the job to conduct a specific civilization throughout the range of adventures and lead it to become the true empire. It is a task worthy a hardened player – get Age of Empires IV Download if you feel like you can do that. Developer: Relic Entertainment. Publisher: Microsoft Studios. PC Release date: 2020. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE.

Age of Empires IV Download – Full Version PC

Age of Empires IV free download

Free Download!

Game scenario

The player becomes the leader of one of three nations: European, Arab, or Asian. His job is to manage the nation and develop it through next stages of development. The idea of the plot itself is amazing in its simplicity. We just need to follow all the stages of the development of each civilization. We have to use its strong sides and improve the weaker ones. That is why we need to change for a moment into analyzing historians, who carry out with different debates regarding developing ages. Why some of the nations managed to achieve so much, and the rest failed? How does developing civilization look like? What accelerates and what slows down the process? Get Age of Empires 4 Download in order to answer all these questions.

How to play it?

Right after choosing the right game mode – either storyline campaign or free game – we can start from what really matters. The whole gameplay focuses on constructing the mightiest empire. We are not going to build this without the adequate number of resources. To get them, you’ll need men. People from different nations have got different personalities and different lifestyles, which is the element we also have to face. They are going to work with specified effectiveness that is conditioned by the ideology, the possibility to earn money, or just because they can. With the use of these men we will also have to face the commanders of other nations from all over the world – they also want to create empires. Our job is to prevent that from happening and become more and more efficient in acquiring skills or gathering the highest number of resources.

These resources will necessary to create armies or at least construct new buildings. Our heroes will try to inhabit as much lands as we can, and at the same time expanding our territory, and waging wars against armies from the whole world. Get Age of Empires IV free Download in order to find out by yourself how amazing leader you can become!

Commanding the army of the world

If you want to be a good leader, you have to think wiser than standard strategist. You cannot conquer the whole world while having small and disobedient army. But you are not going to build strong army if you don’t earn their respect. You are not going to get that by tricking them neither. To gain their trust, you have to show that you are stronger than enemies.

When it comes to graphics and resources of the game, it is very modern and dynamic when compared to its predecessors. It also gives us much more possibilities when it comes to leadership or selecting the character. You can participate in many different activities for hours. Age of Empires IV is not a game that will bore you after three days. The campaign will absorb us for long days and it require a lot of commitment before we can be the best.

Age of Empires IV Free Download Game PC

Age of Empires IV download

Free Download!

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