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Aderyn’s Cradle is the first project of a young team Mojo Game (developer and publisher). It’s an action game with elements of RPG, based on the graphic CryEngine. The studio decided to release Aderyn’s Cradle for PC Windows platform. The first-person gameplay is set in the space created for the game. PC Release date: 2016.

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The creators’ studio

Mojo Game is a studio set up by people of passion, and Aderyn’s Cradle is their first proposition for the players. In order to gain the funds necessary to publish the game, they held a fund-raiser on Kickstarter platform. Do you like games created by independent studios? If so, get Aderyn’s Cradle free Download and become the hero entangled in a dangerous struggle between people, gods and forces of nature.

The game’s plot – review

Hero of the game is an outcast involved in war in a world ruled by gods. A thousand years ago, as a result of the war, one of them was exiled, and his realm destroyed. The god, called Aderyn, has now only one temple where the outcast is heading. Exiled by the god of hunger, he’s fleeing from his wrath. To help the hero reinstate god Aderyn to his rightful position, get Aderyn’s Cradle game Download and enter this amazing world. But the place of cult will only be a stop on the way, because the character’s main task is to bring back the former Aderyn’s realm its splendor. It will not be easy, though, for the area had been completely devastated. The people, long ago proud of who they were, mostly don’t remember it. They’re but shadows of the ones they could be in different times. The stakes of the success of the mission is even higher than the survival of the main hero. Reinstating Aderyn also means regaining for humanity a gift, one of the most precious: free will.

Game’s mechanics

The fascinating plot and climatic world are big advantages of Aderyn’s Cradle, but the creators also took care to refine other important details in order to provide the player with as much fun as possible. If you want to become a wanderer and bring back free will to humanity, get Aderyn’s Cradle PC Download and start your adventure. Particularly noteworthy is a system of making healing potions. It consists in mixing properly the ingredients gathered during the journey. It can be done by relying on one’s intuition, or using the found recipes. The game also has an extended fight system. The style of fight depends directly on the place attacked. It’s also worthwhile to select the weaponry: realism of the fight mode means that it won’t be possible to fend off an axe blow with a dagger. The weapon can be developed a few times in directions connected with elements: life, light, fire, water or stone. It also involves a change of its appearance.

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Aderyn's Cradle Download

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