Category: Sports

Sports games are a genre in which the player is meant to succeed in an existing or devised sport event. In such production what counts the most are cleverness, dexterity and strategic thinking.

The game’s specifics and interface

The interface of sporting games is most often in the first or second person. In many sports production we deal with simulation aspects. It means that the interface was devised in a way that conveys best the specifics and principles of a given sports discipline. In some sporting games the player’s task is to take control a whole team, owing to which he can single-handedly play a match against a real opponent, or one controlled by a computer.

Kinds of game

Sporting games fall into two basic kinds. In the first one the player’s role is limited to taking part in events within a particular discipline. Another kind are the titles whose objective is to control a particular player or a whole team. Most often they have a strategic character. One of the most popular sporting games is FIFA series, but it’s not the only representative of this kind of games on the market. A part of them are, for instance, the popular simulations.

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