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Another edition of the game from cRPG genre that began in 1997. Full version of this amazing Fallout 3 on PC that has millions of fans all over the world for can be got for free via quick installer. It was designed by Bethesda Game Studios, creators of the series like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Here in Fallout 3 we can play from TPP or FPP perspective. Regardless of the choice, very high visual quality pleases the eye. In Fallout 3 we can see a life in post nuclear reality since our hero’s birth.

Fallout 3 Download on PC

Fallout 3 full version

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Initially, we are taken from our mother who dies in childbirth and then hero’s father subjected him to DNA test. Then we can choose our sex, ethnic origin, aspects of appearance etc. Huge emphasis was placed on our hero’s face. After that, our father puts off his mask and we can see very similar face to ours. Shaping main features was presented in the form of book for children. Additionally, becoming familiar with the control system is similar to learning how to walk. Having ten years already, we received toy pistol and small handy computer thanks to which we will be able to preview the sate of health or skills and items we own. Thanks to it we can listen to the radio after setting frequencies. We will not only hear music from the forties and fifties of the twentieth century but also we are going to get information about tasks that can be performed. After we finish nineteen years we can go out of Vault 101 when we will go after our fugitive father, it is year 2077 now.

Fallout 3 Download for PC can be gotten only thanks to us in full version. Amazing adventure awaits for you. Our hero’s statistics are presented in the typical form for fallout meaning strength, endurance, perception etc. Three of fourteen traits can be developed faster than the others. Out of Vault 101 fight for survival is waiting for us. We cannot survive without water, food or of course weapon. The last thing used in V.A.T.S. combat system based on points let us stop time and then track the relevant parts of our opponent. Virtual world in which we roam around is not smaller than in Oblivion. It is the US capital’s region, so we can encounter the ruins of famous buildings.

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In Fallout 3 brutality is shown pretty much. By hitting the enemy’s head, he dies immediately with spectacular illustration the skull’s content splashing all over the place. These kinds of scenes will be presented in slow motion. Fight against opponents is not easy task because artificial intelligence was quite well designed. They will hide behind obstacles, gather in hard to defeat groups when they feel threatened etc. Difficulty of the combat is not adjusted to our current level or the skills, so some places can be visited only after getting enough experience.

Authors from Bethesda Softworks will serve us large number of story endings. They will be related to a decisions taken during the game. We will see fallout karma system in action. What is more, you can hire mercenaries to aid your quest but game mostly focuses on one character. Download full version this amazing post-apocalyptic Fallout 3 for free on your PC computer. Try to survive and don’t let them beat you!

Free Download Fallout 3 full version on PC

Fallout 3 on pc

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