Category: Action

Action games make a pretty wide range of games whose characteristic feature is fast action, mostly they are shooters or adventure games.

The interface and gameplay

The adventure games’ interface is most often based on the first-person play, even though there are games in which the main character is showed from a third-person perspective. The player’s role here is to defeat all the enemies, using all sorts of weapons. A fast-changing action makes for the active attitude of the player ,who has to adjust to the environment’s changing conditions by using diverse weaponry, and very often by making various evolutions.

Kinds of games

Action games make a very wide spectrum of productions. There belong the typical adventure games, such as for instance the Tomb Raider and shooters, with the distinguished series like Call of Duty or Wolfenstein. Depending on the gameplay form, the creators of this type of games put a varied stress on combat which doesn’t have to be the only criterion defining action games. Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine such a game with this gameplay element totally removed.

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Battlefield V Free Download

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Fortnite Download

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A Way Out game download

A Way Out Download

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Metro Exodus Download

Metro Exodus Download

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Hunt Showdown pc download

Hunt Showdown Download

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Metal Gear Survive download

Metal Gear Survive Download

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FarCry 5 free download

Far Cry 5 Download

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Crackdown 3 Download

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The Wild Eight game download

The Wild Eight Download

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