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Download already a free full version of Zombie Army Trilogy. The game includes two first series of Sniper Elite game: Nazi Zombie Army and the next added third series. The trilogy was developed and published by Rebellion company, well known from Sniper Elite, Medal of Honor Underground or Rogue Warrior. The game was divided into tree campaigns which consist of 15 missions during which army is at war with zombies. You are one of the eight characters and take part in fights.

Zombie Army Trilogy Download PC

Zombie Army Trilogy full version on pc

Free Download!

Zombie Army Trilogy Download – was based on familiar Sniper Elite series. The action of the game is presented in third-person perspective. During a fight you can use sniper rifles and you can set an explosive traps as well. In total, you have 25 different kinds of arms at your disposal. In a fight it is worth to use bodies of your enemies as for example shooting zombies’ leg causes that it falls off and as a result your enemy will lose speed. The game is reached in effects such as X-ray which will show you a camera of bullet going towards the guts.

You can play either as a single player or multi-player cooperating with max 4 persons. Apart from a traditional campaign there was introduced a Horde mode where on five maps you need to beat zombies’ attacks off. The game was divided into four difficulties and there is a possibility to choose amount of zombies. In the Trilogy the graphic of first and second version was improved and on the newest consoles it is displayed in 1080p. Right now, you can download the free full version of Zombie Army Trilogy.

Zombie Army Trilogy Free Download

download Zombie Army Trilogy full version

Free Download!

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  • Zombie Army Trilogy Download
  • Zombie Army Trilogy Free Download

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