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Do you feel like moving to gloomy residence, where terrifying events happened multiple times, its residents were mad, and murdered, tortured, as well as committed suicide? Download Visage and play this psychological horror from which you are not going to get way for long hours. You will take the role of the figure trapped inside the residence, who has to find a way to get out of there and discover the dark secret of this place.

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First person player game in the form of psychological horror

The game Visage is a debut work of Canadian studio Sadsquere. Interestingly, it was financed with the use of very effective, successful crowdfunding action that was organized thanks to page Kickstarter. Its effects have passed all the expectations of the organisers – they managed to gather the sum of money three times bigger than expected.

The storyline of the game

The storyline of the game takes place in an old, dark household that witnessed plenty of horrifying events over the centuries. We do not know what exactly caused this. However, we realize that in this very residence people murdered whole families without any good reason. At a daily basis they were getting mad, which usually ended with their suicide. There, we will take the role of a person, who is trapped inside the residence. We will explore it, discovering all its secrets. Even if the most sensible choice is to run, our goal is to discover the horrifying truth about this place. Will you manage top solve this puzzle? Get Visage Download and see for yourself!

Game mechanics

Mechanics in the game that is available for you under the phrase of Visage Download is based mostly on the fact that the player moves on specific locations (spots in the residence, doorways, rooms) and discovering the truth about this frightening place. We will have the possibility to gather, pick up, and move particular items or manipulate with different elements of environment. In this case we do not focus on the development of the action but on precisely led atmosphere. The storyline is not linear. So, whenever we choose to go to a specific room, it was previously defined by the storyline we shaped. It is also worth to note that every time we can play the game in completely different way, even when we take the same decisions. It is caused by automatic randomization of some decisions in the moment we begin the game. One of the elements in the game are ghosts roaming around the residence that spread terror and can kill us. Sadly, there is no way we can fight them off. Once they attack us, all we can do is run…

Technical issues

The game Visage varies from others mostly thanks to very detailed graphics. It was created with the use of advanced, modern engine called Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to this approach we can appreciate unusual atmosphere in the game. It is very authentic and can overwhelm us with its realism. Details of the game has been polished very thoroughly like for example the items in all rooms. The terror climate is even bigger thanks to well-adjusted soundtrack – with each and every step we make, you can hear mysterious noises coming from everywhere. A huge advantage of game Visage is also the fact that it is supported by virtual reality device. Thanks to that the gameplay is even more realistic. If you feel like testing it out, download Visage.

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