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Everyone has heard about the series of games of movies under the title of Resident Evil. We are sure that a large group of people have plated one of the instalments of the series or watched one of the movies. The fans of this series can start rubbing their hands because of the new game, or a spin-off to be exact titled Umbrella Corps. Resident Evil, the cycle of survival horrors became the cult production now, and the game that is set in this universe is an FPP/TPP shooter in which emphasis was placed on the online team play. It is second spin-off of the series in the version of multiplayer shooter. The first one was Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, which has not received positive reviews. Capcom studio with the help of Masachito Kawata is responsible for the production. The second spin-off appeared on the market almost twenty years after the first series was released in March 1996. Do you like killing zombies? Then Umbrella Corps Download is for you.

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The newest production isn’t as scary as it once was. IT is a quick shooter without the moments of horror or chilling situations. This time, effective killing hordes of zombies is the only thing that matters. Umbrella Corps takes a lot from Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and other popular shooters like Counter-Strike. In the game we will be able to observe surrounding world from a first or third person perspective. The matches are played on relatively small maps, whereas the teams that participate there consist of heavily armed mercenaries hired by large corporations that compete in the field of biological weapons. In the end, game is a spin-off of a very popular series which deals with zombies, so in the production we are going to meet a lot of different undead that are controlled by the artificial intelligence. The living dead are not only opponents in Umbrella Corps because we can use them as tactical element, a human shields to be exact. Aiming, crouching and hiding behind the covers are intuitive. Do you want to see how it is to protect yourself with the body of the zombies against the bullets flying in your direction? Then use Umbrella Corps Download links and get the game on your computer.

The arsenal of weapons we got to choose is really impressive. There are a lot of weapons used to fight at distance such as pistols, grenades and a lot weapons used in close combat such as axes. In here, we will find original gadgets such as spike boots or devices used to repel zombies. As the shooter is intended primarily for multiplayer, we will find here different game modes. Starting from One Life Deatchmatch, where each member of three-person team has only one life per round and ending on other, classical multiplayer game modes. The single player mode is called The Experiment and it consists of 20 missions, and each of them has different goal to achieve.

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In order to provide the flow of the game and the visual setting at the highest possible level for the players who shoot each other and the zombies, the developers have used the popular multiplatform engine Unity. In terms of graphics, production has been polished very well and this side of the game looks really nice. So, if you like online shooters or you missed living dead, Umbrella Corps Download is here waiting for you with the hordes of zombies, friends and players all over the world! Umbrella Corps is well suited for this task, we can assure you that.

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