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Tropico 5 full version on pc

Another part of economic strategy game which is Tropico 5 download will be delivered full version of it for free on our website. Download right now and build the biggest mini country on the island. Game was produced by studio which was responsible for two previous parts named Haemimont Games. We become a leader of small country located on an island and our task is to lead it from colony age to modern times and not far future. In the meantime we will have to survive two World Wars in XX century, economic crisis as well as cold war. Each era will bring us unique opportunities and various challenges.

Tropico 5 Download on PC

Tropico 5 Download full version

Free Download!

Game play in Tropico 5 hasn’t been changed and our main goal is to keep as the head of our organization. There are many duties we have to take care. The most important ones are of course expanding our city, protect our economy and industry, preventing disasters from destroying a lot of your efforts. What is more, our reaction on people’s needs and political fraction demands cannot be always democratic. We have to keep opposition in check and maintain good (or not) diplomatic relations with our neighbours. Also, there occurs advanced naval trade system, technology and research trees and area exploration. At the beginning it is worth to send researchers into inland in look for new deposits or minerals. These researches will have to be careful, because they might encounter wild animals or aborigines.

Download Tropico 5 for free and create your own dynasty! Members of your family that reign in our country can become heir as well as enterprise or factory managers on the island. They acquire experience in their field with time. It means they handle with their duties better. Additional bonus from having someone from our family on important position is maintaining the power. In Tropico 5 cities’ appearance reflects time progress. Developers made sure to recreate overtime changes the best they could. Every in-game era has their look of buildings. Except single player mode we have been offered multiplayer intended for four persons. Players can create their own cities and it is dependent from them whether they decide cooperate or rival with each other. Download full version of Tropico 5 on your PC for free in your language! Create your own country, dominate neighbours and become the best ruler on the island!

Free Download Tropico 5 on PC

Tropico 5

Free Download!

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