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The newest part of classic adventurous action games is available for free. Tomb Raider Download on PC in full version. Production was handled by Crystal Dynamics studio, which already created three previous parts of Underworld cycle, Anniversary or Legend. Game itself is a restart of whole series. It means we are going to play as young Lara Croft once again. Action begins in the moment when our research vessel breaks down during a storm and it lands on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. Main goal is to survive in this very wild and hostile oriented environment.

Tomb Raider Download on PC

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In Tomb Raider (2013) our heroine will play the role of both hunter and a pray for the creatures that inhabit the island. New and quite brutal combat mechanics, which is very dynamic will interact with the game play. We are going to participate in close combat as well as with usage of various weapons which contain even bow. If the player wants to survive, he has to be on his own and try to use everything there is available at his hand. While exploring whole vast world, parts of equipment like ropes, hooks and machetes will be crucial. New installment will be the movement system allowing us to perform almost all possible moves. This series was always famous for its platform elements and the newest part will significantly raise standards.

The newest edition will offer us big, non-linear open-world which will change dynamically. It was also divided into many smaller parts, locations that can be unlocked with further progress in the story line. Character development is also the novelty, which was introduced in this part. So-called skill points are going to be responsible for the way our character is developed. It will allow us to craft our own items from objects found during our roaming around the island. They abandoned auto-targeting system that was replaced with new, where player himself must aim opponents and open fire.

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The whole was driven with Crystal Engine graphics engine. Game shows us amazing views, texture in very high resolution and very detailed character models. What is more, character animation and other elements significantly gained in realism. In addition, this edition of the game has been enhanced with an advanced physics engine. Get today full version of Tomb Raider Download and play on your PC now. Survive on the unknown island and do not let beautiful lady, which Lara Croft is, die.

Free Download Tomb Raider full version on PC

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