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Download for free a full version of a game The Crew Download and take part in incredible races. The Crew is a car racing game set in an open world what can let players race with other drivers across the United States. The title was created by a French company named Ivory Tower which was set up by former employees at Eden Games with support of Ubisoft Reflections. In the Crew game players become car drivers and participate in races through American city streets. The developers have taken care of vast array of cars and many of them are licensed models which were approved by producers. Totting them up we will find over 100 exactly modeled cars which were also divided into five different categories.

The Crew Download on PC

The Crew Download

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According to the motto of the game the priority was for the creators to race never alone. Thus there was laid emphasis on the development of social functions what in turn will allow to smoothly switch from single- to multi-player mode. The Crew offers you many possibilities of playing, among other things individual rivalry and team one with friends or randomly assigned players. The most important feature of the game is definitely an open world. It is 5000 square miles of the widely open US’s territory which you can fully explore. There are hundreds of missions, tasks and races. In addition it is a role-playing game which offers you a ten-hour play. During the plot you take part in stories of six different heroes.

Moreover, there was not missed a well-developed system for modifying cars. Players can introduce many changes in look of their cars and change technical standards. The very interesting option is a building of own car using elements made during game. There was also taken care of diversification of drive models for poor experienced players as well as for experts in this area.
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The Crew Download for Free Full Version

The Crew Download

Free Download!

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