Top 7 Simulation Games You Need To Play

Simulation Games

Console gaming is great for most of the gaming genres out there, but there is definitely a huge void in one enthusiast category: simulators. Driving, flying, managing, or surviving, PC simulation games can offer a unique and realistic experience.

Sure, there are plenty of simulation games on console, but if you want the most engaging and engrossing environment, it has to be on PC.

If you’re new to PC sims or have only seen them as a niche hobby, you should try them for yourself. For example, a game called “Job Simulator” might sound ridiculous, at first, but it has just hit $3 million in sales.

That just goes to show how popular and fun these games are becoming.

If you need a little inspiration, check out our list of the top 7 simulation games you can find right now. Read more…