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Do you like to ski or snowboard? Steep Download is for you. This game was produced by Ubisoft studio and it will let you fulfil your passions through whole year in the virtual world. In addition, you will also have the possibility to fly with the use of wingsuit or paraglider. The game puts great emphasis not only on an individual gameplay but also on social functions. We can share our achievements and progress with other players.

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Winter sports simulator by Ubisoft studio

Game Steep is extreme winter sports simulator. It was created in Ubisoft Annancy studio for PCs, but it is also available in a version for PS4 and Xbox One platform. Ubisoft already accustomed players that during their conferences they surprise us with new, intriguing games. The announcement of Steep might not have aroused such emotions, which in previous years games like Watch Dogs or The Division caused. However, it’s difficult to expect that from the simulation of extreme sports. Despite this, the game is surprisingly pleasant. If you want to find it out for yourself, do not hesitate and get Steep Download!

What the gameplay is all about?

In the game we are set in the Alps, or in the mountainous areas of Alaska. Both of these areas are divided into several sectors. We can explore them and experience fantastic adventures while snowboarding, skiing, and flying with the wingsuit or paraglider.

While exploring selected areas of the Alps and Alaska, we will surely encounter other players. A very interesting part of the game might be participation in already prepared challenges such as stunts or time trials. Thanks to the open formula of the world, a very interesting part of it is the struggle in the rankings and performing special tasks on which we can encounter during roaming the game world. Of course, there are players who don’t like the aspect of the game that involves competition with others. They shouldn’t disturb us in the game. We can ignore them and focus on solo challenges and improving our performance.

Four fun

In the game we can participate in four different types of fun (game modes). They are called explorer, freerider, freestyler and bone collector. Each of them differs with its gameplay, the difficulty level and the method of points gathering. If we chose explorer option, we will gain points by unlocking another cities and tasks. In the moment when we start the game, we are familiarized with few places, where we can go skiing or perform stunt jumps. The number of sites is very limited. Only when we progress there will be access to the next. Points are gained much faster in freestyler game mode. We gather them for performing any type of evolutions. Bone collector option was made exclusively for true lovers of adrenaline. Here, points are gathered only for thrilling stunts and … accidents. Freerider is an option that involves the most complex gameplay. All elements are evaluated here like for example using the elements of the environment in order to create exciting stunts.

Steep is a really interesting, and very visually polished game. If you are a fan of winter sports, Steep download is a right thing for you, and you will certainly not regret downloading it.

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Steep Download

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    I love steep can you make a website to Dowland steep on android

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    best game ever and i think everyone should get it because its fun and the online part with others is really cool and how you can pick with a snowboard,skis or what ever i cant spell,walking parashot and glider suit

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