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Shadow Warrior 2

The atmosphere of the Far East, vicious fights and demonic forces? All of this combined into one, very compelling mix in a Shadow Warrior series. The second part takes the player on a journey, that seemed to come to an end at the end of the first instalment. The world, however, always have surprises that are waiting on us, so Shadow Warrior 2 Download is a noteworthy thing just to see what fate has been prepared for us. Personate the martial arts master and confront demons as well as superhuman powers. Can you face them and come out victorious from the fight?

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How did it begin?

Released in 2013, the game Shadow Warrior was remake of a successful shooter game from the 90s. Because of a very interesting idea and the popularity, the studio decided to revive the production and cover it with new audio-visual setting in order to satisfy modern player. The story of the first instalment focuses on the main hero named Lo Wang, who has a mission to find the legendary blade. The case turns to be a bit more complicated when the demons come into play. It turns out that seemingly simple mission becomes very complex all of the sudden and our hero’s task changes to save the world from the invasion of demonic creatures. His skills as well as charisma will prove to be a key elements.

The continuation of the story

In the second instalment, the player is moved into the world five years after the events from the first instalment. The people live in a peaceful relationship with demons, and Lo Wang works as a lone mercenary. At some point fragile alliance between humans and demon forces breaks, and the world once more needs a hero that can repeat his actions from few years ago. The story in Shadow Warrior 2 is a direct continuation of the first one. If you want to see if you are capable of saving the world one more time as the martial arts master from being absorbed by hell, get Shadow Warrior 2 Download and face the dangers.

Game mechanics

The second instalment, like the first part, is an FPP game, where main task is to defeat your enemies. The hero is equipped with various types of weapons and elements, including typical weapons for eastern warriors – katana and shuriken. However, the level of openness of the scenario has changed compared to the first edition. If you want to change the course of the story and influence it with your choices, then Shadow Warrior 2 Download is the right option. Once more you can develop the character, gain new abilities and new, different types of weapons used to deal with your enemies and get rid of them from the earth. This interesting character development system makes that a lot things depend from the leading hero. In addition to basic equipment, you can acquire artefacts that modify the damage dealt.

Game modes – alone or with the help

The new solution implemented in the game is the possibility to cooperate with up to three different players. Get Shadow Warrior 2 Download in order to face the enemies with your group of allies and perform minor tasks, which can influence the possibilities of character development, the weapon we possess, and great gameplay.

Huge possibilities in terms of its equipment, weapons, and skills with the combination of fast pace make Shadow Warrior 2 a really good continuation. Try it out and see for yourself how difficult is to the world from inhuman forces, especially when you act alone or in the small group of daredevils.

Shadow Warrior 2 Free Download PC

Shadow Warrior 2 Download

Free Download!

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