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Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment once again got back to work. The creators of games such as Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and especially two first instalments of Max Payne created, this time, Quantum Break. It is a new, spectacular action game viewed from a third-person perspective, set in the near future. In this production, the scientists, who as a result of failed experiment, gained the ability to manipulate time, are in the foreground of the events. Here, we can see the inspiration from the modern scientific theories. Time manipulation has been the topic of various games, Sci-Fi books and movies for a long time now. When it comes to the game we are describing, the whole story was greatly told. Are time travels your thing? Then get Quantum Break Download.

Since this production is exclusive, Quantum Break will be available only for Microsoft platforms that are Xbox One and PC computers with Windows 10. Game for PC can be purchased only through Windows Store service.

Quantum Break Download on PC

Quantum Break Free Download

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The game tells a story of three scientists: Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene, who somewhere in the United States, in the US Riverpoint university conduct research on the possibilities of time travel. Unfortunately (well, for players, fortunately), one of the experiments fails what results in numerous anomalies. Potentially, it could be one of those events that could lead to the end of the world we all know. However, in this misfortune, the three aforementioned scientists gain extraordinary powers to manipulate the space-time continuum and even if the two first using these powers to save the world from a terrible end, Serene, who is sure that the end is near, wants to take advantage of this situation for his own, wicked purposes. Help them to save the world right now, by getting Quantum Break Download.

Events in which we participate in during the game are combined with the move cut-scenes prepared in the form of TV series. Real actors were involved in the process of production. Among the actors, we can notice the figures like Shawn Ashmore (The Following, X-Men series), Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings trilogy), or Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones). The move is focused on Paul Serene. This narrating feature has its positive sides because we can now get to know the story from different points of view and follow various threads. The decisions we make during the game or during cut-scenes will decide about the fate of our characters and the rest of the story. Thanks to that, we can gain enemies or friends, so there are plenty of possibilities, and the story itself is very addicting.

During the game, we can encounter a number of unexplained anomalies as we found ourselves in the world affected by a space-time disaster. The entire buildings will fall down before our eyes and new roads create in their place. Except shooting, we can also use newly acquired skills such as a protective shield, the sense by which we get to know the location of interesting items and our opponents, slow-motion or time bubbles where the time is stopped. Each ability needs time to regenerate after using it, what introduces tactical elements to the game, and using them is an integral part of the title. So, we have to carefully plan when to use one of the powers. If you want to manipulate time, experience amazing adventure and save the world from destroying, Quantum Break Download is the answer you are looking for.

Quantum Break Download Full Version

Quantum Break Download

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