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The idea of the game Paladins: Champions of the Realm is conquering the territories in the competition with other players – so it is a game based on a fight in an interesting, fantastic world filled with unconventional weapons and characters. The thing is to conquer as much as you can – download Paladins Champions of the Realm and see for yourself if you are capable of cooperating in order to conquer another lands and territories with your team!

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(Un) usual fantasy

The game is not a typical fantasy based on medieval ages, where domination is determined by the swords and spells. Yes, there is magic in here, and the player can successfully use it… to charge quite modern weapons. There is quite well-developed technology in the game, which the groups of players use against each other and wage wars over territories. Weapons are charged with the use of magical powers. In addition to carbines and other types of firearms, there are a lot of various vehicles in the universe (interestingly, it includes animals, so you can move on mounts). Graphics is also a characteristic element of the game – the characters refer to the traditional roles in fantasy (they are like dwarves, orcs, and many other creatures), however because of introducing modern elements to the game, their appearance has been changed. Paladins Champions of the Realm Download and see for yourself how dwarf with a rocket launcher looks like!

Cooperation matters

The base of the game are network fights between groups of players (maximum 6 people at one group). The player chooses character for yourself from available classes. Each class has its unique equipment, and methods of fighting. They also have unique skills. If you want to discover their capabilities, download Paladins Champions of the Realm and get carried away by the fight. Out of four skills that each character has, the two are mainly for fights (like sieges on which the game is based), one improves movement, and the fourth one summons a vehicle. The team of players has to occupy the large parts of the game with the use of sieging machineries. The most important challenge for each player is protecting the machine, so it’s not destroyed. Thanks to that method you can lead to taking over the terrain. The teams in Paladins: Champions of the Realm count from two to six players, and the undeniable advantage of the game is its adaptation to the players at different difficulty levels. Despite the fast pace of the gameplay, everyone can manage to keep up.

Not only battles

Additional feature of the gameplay is possibility to have the trump cards, which can significantly tip the balance. Before each skirmish, one draws three that can be taken with you and used in the right time – download Paladins: Champions of the Realm and check your luck, and then win thanks to the advantage, tactics, and clever moves by conquering new areas with your team. Some of the bonus cards can summon a support or vehicle. Others can create an obstacle thanks to which the enemies will be considerably weakened.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a very enjoyable game for everyone, who likes cooperation, and online shooters in fantasy climate.  Undoubtedly, an idea worth attention is nicely combined technology with magic, as well as the idyllic locations. The element of randomness and luck in the form of cards make the game, where you can spend your time very pleasantly.

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Paladins Champions of the Realm skidrow

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