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Outlast 2 is a game based on a convention of survival horror genre, which provides players with unforgettable and extremely realistic experience. The game is played from first-person view, and the main protagonist is fighting for survival with all the possible means, immersed into a horrifying world filled with opponents lurking at him everywhere. In order to guarantee a decent dose of adrenaline, Outlast 2 Download is here. The second part of the game leaves the story presented in the first part, but still retaining the mechanics of the gameplay.

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Outlast 2 download

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A few words about the first instalment

The first part tells us the story of a journalist, who decided to visit the psychiatric ward called Mount Massive Asylum located in Colorado that was re-opened after the years of being closed. It turns out that the asylum has been taken by strange creatures, and the few remaining patients and staff members are mad, scared, or unable to conduct a meaningful conversation. A dangerous race, where the stake is the life of our hero begins. There is no weapon, so you need to strain all the forces in order to solve the story and avoid the beasts that are hunting on you in the dark.

What to expect from the second part?

The fans of horrors and gore genre were surely rubbing their hands while waiting on the premiere of Outlast 2. This time the location will be area isolated from the world in Arizona, where dangerous cult is practicing rituals. In the search of an explanation of the mysterious suicide of a pregnant woman, the journalist and his wife will get lost in this terrible world – click Outlast 2 Download to personate the character and help him survive in the world, where he is hunted. Characters and setting are changed, although more attentive players will notice clear references to the first part of the game.

Mechanics in Outlast II

The gameplay in both parts of Outlast is based on escape. The hero doesn’t have any weapon thanks to which he can face the enemies. The atmosphere of the horror intensifies, the tension is more and more visible. The only thing that we can do is to hide and sneak in order to avoid being noticed, though it isn’t always the best thing to do – sometimes the only thing we can do is run with the use of parkour system. Your life depends from whether you get caught or not, so put all the efforts in it. Obviously, running from the danger isn’t the only purpose of this game – we must solve the puzzle by using the tips and story fragments we can find on our way. In the second part, there are two goals – find the protagonist’s wife, and the second – solve the mystery of the cult. One thing is certain – download Outlast 2, and you won’t run out of things to do for sure.

Outlast 2 – for whom?

The game is designed mostly for people with strong nerves. The authors of the game made every effort to ensure that after the gameplay it will be very difficult to fall asleep – download outlast 2 and see for yourself how terrifying story they managed to create. In the world of darkness, where you cannot be sure the surrounding objects and the character’s sight, anything can happen. No matter if you run fast, your enemies know that you are here, so you will have to run constantly, hiding in the darkness, hoping that this nightmare will end someday. The game refers to real, albeit gruesome events in the village of Jonestown from the seventies, when hundreds of people committed suicide at the call of his religious leader – the game is definitely worth recommending for those who love to be scared.

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