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Are you waiting for the next matches of basketball with bated breath? Or maybe you want to try yourself in the virtual competitions? Feel like the most popular basketball players in the most famous league in the world – NBA and click on NBA 2K17 Download! This is yet another edition of very popular series of sports games produced by Visual Concepts studio. In the game you will be able to control the NBA teams. In here, it is possible to play in number of game modes – single player and multiplayer for example.

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NBA 2K series – NBA games at the highest level

NBA 2K series is being created from the end of the 90s on the license of American Basketball League (National Basketball League). First time NBA AK was released in 1999. It took place under the banner of SEGA publisher. Since 2005, the owner of the company is Take-Two Interactive – they bought the rights to it. Since then, there are new instalments of the game released every year.


Click NBA 2K17 Download and control the basketball players from your favourite team. Game is characterized by huge realism. Thanks to NBA license, you can see the names of real teams and the names of the basketballers. All the squads and logos were thoroughly mapped. It makes the player can feel as he participated in the real NBA matches. Game combines several genres. In addition to sport simulation, you will find here arcade, or even strategy elements. Functions of the game are really expanded and very interesting. You can participate in the match on the basketball court but there’s more. Equally interesting is the career development of individual players, planning transfers and thinking over the tactics. One can play both in single player mode as well as in multiplayer mode. The second option lets us on testing our online skills in the gameplay with other players through Internet.

NBA 2K is a game that stands out from other sports games in terms of advanced technology. For the games of this series, the possibility to use motion sensing devices and displaying 3D (this option requires the right computer and special glasses). The premiere date of NBA 2K17 will take place in September 2016. The fans of the series are now waiting what kind of new things developers will prepare for them in this instalment of the game.

Visual Concept Company decided to honour a living legend

Does Kobe Bryant fascinate you? Now you have a great opportunity to feel like this player. Visual Concepts decided to honour the great NBA player – Kobe Bryant, who became a living legend of the league. They are releasing a special, dedicated version of the game – NBA 2K17 Legend edition. It’s almost certain that the fans of basketball don’t need to be introduced with Kobe Bryant. Nonetheless, it is worth recalling some of his the most important achievements. Kobe Bryant has participated in the All-Star Games eighteen times, he became the champion of the NBA five times. He also was chosen as the most valuable player in the finals of the league twice as well as won two Olympic medals as the representative of the United States. Now, you can feel just like him by personating his character in the game. What is interesting, there are bonus extras for this special edition – poster of Kobe Bryant, two Panini cards as well as the skin on the controller. It makes this edition even more attractive.

The premiere of NBA 2K17 will happen in September 2016. However, right now fans all over the world are moved by the trailers and announcements. The games from NBA 2K series are always very well-prepared. Thanks to the license, NBA games are realistic and credible. So, if you are a basketball fan, do not hesitate to click on the NBA 2K17 download links as soon as it will be available.

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NBA 2K17 full version

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