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Mirrors Edge Catalyst

The creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Digital Illusions studio – might not be known to most of players. However, if we add that after a while it became the part of Electronic Arts, and at the same time it was responsible for creating such piece of works as Battlefield, the look at their performance is quite different. But to the point… Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was created as an extension, and not the continuation of Mirror’s Edge. Anyway, this action ended up very well for the Swedish developers. In fact, the game is simply an improved version of the original and is an interesting extension to that. To emphasize that fact, the game was titled Mirror’s Edge for a long time. Later on they added the world Catalyst.

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The story in the game

If you think that Mirror’s Edge is “new-old” game of Swedish studio, then you are wrong. Although the game introduces us with familiar characters we met earlier, the story itself will resemble the one from the original only few times. In here, as it was before, we personate the runner (a courier) named Faith, who lives in the quasi-totalitarian city Glass. Why is it totalitarian world? Because there is no government we know from the present. The role of leaders were taken over by huge corporations that only seemed to care about the interests of citizens.

With the help of our runner, we can visit a number of mysterious corners of the city and get to know how the life of regular, grey people looks like. If you want to know the true nature of fictional quasi-totalitarian state, then Mirrors Edge Catalyst Download is available. So far, this is one of the most reliable games showing the mechanisms of pseudo-government. Why Faith? Although at first glance our figure doesn’t stand out, our character has got the abilities that might come in handy in the fight with the totalitarian power. The advantage of our heroine is the perfect knowledge about her city. She moves around it masterfully, what is not surprising, given the “profile” of her business.

Game mechanics

We wrote that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a completely renewed version of Mirror’s Edge. An example that speaks for this thesis is the fact that it was placed in a completely open world. As opposed to the first instalment, we are no longer dealing with the classic division into plain and boring missions (in the new release, missions also appear but they are more “flexible”). On the contrary, we enter the open world, where the level of interference in the reality stands on a really high level.

The main theme in the game is the transformation of the main character, who with time changes from an innocent girl into the brave “soldier of freedom”. If you want to check how the psychological transformation of the main character looks like, you should definitely lay your hands on Mirrors Edge Catalyst Download and get it on your computer. What else can we expect from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Dynamic action, a lot of parkour moves and above all – confrontation (without firearms)

Game modes

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers fun in multiplayer mode unlike its previous version. This mode gives us huge world, where up to dozens of players can be at the same time.

Technical side

Thanks to usage of FrostBite engine, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst perfectly reproduces not only the world of the city Glass but also extremely agile moves of our heroine. You will enjoy the fact that it the movement around the vast game world will be very smooth. If you want to taste it all, download Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on your computer absolutely.

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