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Play today full version to download Mass Effect 3. It is last part of this science-fiction series that tell amazing story of Shepard. It is a production that combines RPG and action elements. BioWare creators are well known thanks to products like: Star Wars: Knights, Dragon Age- Origins or Baldur’s Gate. In the game we can choose French subtitles, French dubbing or English language.

Mass Effect 3 Download on PC full version

Mass Effect 3 full version

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Game begins on the Earth, where popular from previous parts of the game Shepard was sentenced to death by execution. It is because he rescued doctor Kenson from Batarian hands. Execution is disrupted by invasion of veterans from Reapers race. In this episode we run to Normandia ship and we begin our journey in search of allies. In this mission we will meet characters met in previous parts or brand new protagonists. Additionally, during this mission we can see a lot of different independent characters from older versions of Mass Effect. Some of them perform the same function. For example, Illusive Man still handling Cerberus operation that have completely different plans from Reapers and he doesn’t tolerate Shepard.

There are two variants from where we can start our game create our protagonist from the beginning or load saved mission. Number of changes we can see in third part of Mass Effect can surprise, because there are even more than in second part. All the decisions we make during game are relevant because our relations with other characters are pretty important. The icing on the cake are various possibilities of the game ending. Everything is dependent from the members of our party and our allies.

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Download Mass Effect 3, the newest part of BioWare producers. Aim in te game is completing quests, battle, tenacity and exploration. Story line of the game takes place in the Citadel where we visit Presidium. It is place for fugitives from places surrounded by the Reapers. Exploring galaxy is another part we can perform in the game. We can ride across Asari and Krogan planets. Fights with enemies are in real time. Everything is being played a little bit faster than in previous part. Our hero, Shepard, is much more capable, he has better technical skills such as stealth, dealing punches or he can make summersaults. For completing quests we acquire points that can be used to upgrade things or improve our abilities. Here, our skills are more advanced. We have choice which qualities will become more advanced.

Mass Effect 3 Download and install on your computer completely for free. The equipment is well known from previous version but now it was distinguished on 5 parts. We have got sniper and assault rifles, submachine guns, heavy rifles and shotguns. Moreover, in third game we can modify our weapon. We can equip them with better quality materials or additional accessories. They focused on purely defence aspect. Armour or defensive equipment was introduced.

The most innovative change in this part is multiplayer system where 4 players at max can take part. It is worth to add that we are not forced to play only one protagonist, because we can become anyone from other race. Addition to this mode is possibility to develop character, new levels and experience. Fights are on the areas well known from single player mode. Whole game looks awesome and both single player and multiplayer modes are connected with each other because our effectiveness and experience grow. All of it increases the success change in missions and conquers we perform.

Mass Effect 3 Download

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