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Kingdom Come Deliverance Download is the game made for people, who are in love with actions situated in medieval climates. KC: Deliverance is a wonderful treat for each fan of former times, therefore you should not wait and download Kingdom Come Deliverance on your own computer PC.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Download full version

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The storyline itself takes place in the first half of last age that was considered to be Medieval in Middle Europe. The proper action start several years before the well-known for the historians Hussite Wars, which caused a lot of turmoil in Bohemia but also in Holy Roman Empire, Poland, and other neighbouring countries.

In the game we become the teenage boy named Henry, who was the son of the smith. Some peaceful, regular day, his village was wiped to the ground by hostile armies. The character decides to fulfil the last wish of his father and then avenge him and other villagers. Henry doesn’t waste his time on hesitating. Right away he moves towards the adventure but he soon manages to get into politics and the whole game of the schemes. Later on, it turns out that he is standing before even more important task – saving the ruler of his own country and restore peace. It is; however, very difficult task but it is the task he has to fulfil. It takes a few years for Henry to do that. In this time he visits various parts of the Old Continent. He is also the participant of historical events and battles that really happened.

There is only single player game mode available, so you cannot play multiplayer in here. The action of the game itself is divided, as well as Europe, on three parts. It is worth to know that the graphics and RPG elements are quite similar to other production. The player interacts with many different people, he takes care of his equipment and fulfils main tasks and side quests, but it is free to do that any way you want, so they do not interfere the main storyline. During the game, there will be various characters that will join our character. They will help us in fulfilling our goal. In the game you are not going to find monsters, mages, or magical items because the authors of Kingdom Come Deliverance wanted to map the realities as much as they could without the necessity of using non-existent magic. The character itself, Henry that is, can develop his own skills like for example thief attributes, warrior or bard skills. The player has got only information about our health, condition, hunger, and sleepiness. What’s more, the hero can acquire experience through reading books and meeting new people and listening to their advice.

Incredibly expanded is the equipment that our character has got at his disposal. We can have up to sixteen various elements connected to armour or clothing. So, you can create plenty of combinations and choose them the way you like. Henry’s goal is also to fight – medieval sword fights were mapped and thanks to advanced combat technique with the option of blocking and pairing blows, we can defeat the enemy on many ways. If the description got you interested, then download the game Kingdom Come Deliverance on your own computer.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance download

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