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Amazing action game is ready to download in full version for free from our website Half-Life 2 on PC computers. Production was handled by the same studio as the first one which is Valve Software. Action takes place shortly after the events that ended first part and it is located in the town “City 17” somewhere in Eastern Europe. It was invaded by extraterrestrial, some kind of monsters and aliens. We become Gordon Freeman, a hero from first part of Half-Life who works for a government agency. His superior is G-Man and our task is to defeat these alien creatures.

Half-Life 2 Download on PC

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Free Download!

Half Life 2 Download on your computer and install full version of the game! Production that is being described at the moment will give us twelve quite advanced stages that are located in various locations for example on the outskirts of City 17, in port, prison or on the board of icebreaker. According to authors, single player mode will provide us 40 hours of great fun. It means 3 or 4 hours for each stage or level of the game. Along the way, we will, let’s say, see old friends – Xen creatures or so-called Headcrabs. In this edition some monsters help our protagonist. Essential part in this game will perform Freeman’s partner which is Alyx Vance (it is not playable character). Download Half-Life 2 PC for free in full version, defeat all the monsters and save the world!

There has been introduced new graphics engine called “Source”. System requirements of the game are not high for these times. Let’s remind you that game was released in 2004, so surely ever player will play it comfortable enough. Half Life 2 also uses special deformation of the environment engine. It is quite similar used in Red Faction but this time it is more advanced. Thanks to it, almost every element of the surroundings can be destroyed. Items like steel trellis or char can be used as a shield of weapon.

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The work of a great team that surely Valve Software is except single player game will let us for online game – multiplayer thanks to local connection or the Internet. Game has included editor Hammer thanks to which it will be possible to create modes or maps for a game. Download for free this amazing action game that was very popular in the day of release. Half-Life 2 on PC computer in full version is ready. Become Freeman and get rid of all the monsters from our planet. Can you succeed?

Free Download Half-Life 2 full version on PC

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Free Download!

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