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Forest of Liars is an innovative production of the team Umeshu Lovers (developer and publisher), consisting of just four people. The game turned out to be a bull’s eye hit, and it was received quite well. It’s an adventure labyrinth game with an engaging plot that may be liked by users with different preferences. The game is adapted to the Windows PC platform, and allows the users to develop their diplomatic abilities. We have a large impact on the events. If we steer a conversation cleverly, for instance, the situation will develop to our favor. Otherwise the consequences will be harsh. It’s worth, then, to get out of the crazy adventures unscathed. Do you like labyrinths, are you sure that you’ll manage to break free from them? PC Release date: 2020.

Forest of Liars Download – Games PC

Forest of Liars free download

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Where does the action take place?

We are in a forest, literally and metaphorically. The world showed in the game was nicely called Forest of Liars. The name itself suggests we shouldn’t trust anyone but our own humble selves. We are going to encounter a number of weird persons and figures. Some of them will want to mislead us shrewdly. We have to figure it out, stay alert and not let them fool us. The player’s task is to find the right way in the labyrinth’s dangerous reality. Everyone who has even once faced such a challenge knows perfectly well that appearances are deceptive. If you too want to test what you’re really capable of, try to get free. Get the Forest of Liars pc game download and take up the challenge.

What is the game about?

To put it simply, it’s about exploration of the world we had been trapped in. We’re to seek solutions and possible ways of escape. As it should be in an adventure game, we meet on the road various figures from whom we can get the necessary knowledge. Not all creatures, though, are friendly to us; some of them want to harm us, and others we have to manipulate in order to gain some advantage. Each contact with the game may bring different experiences and solutions, and that’s why the game doesn’t bore quickly. We also have to fight enemies and sort out riddles. Therefore we can develop our abilities in various areas, at the same not losing concentration. Will you do equally well in any face-off? Or maybe the game will bring out your weak points? Get the Forest of Liars download and find out who is going to be a winner: you or the labyrinth?

Integrational game

Since the game supports multiplayer mode, we can easily co-operate with other players. Such co-operation may be fruitful, because it’s easier to survive in a group. On the other hand the player must stay alert and not let in a wolf in a sheep’s skin, because some people can only pretend to be allies. Who speaks the truth, and who lies? You have to answer the question for yourself. The game offers as many as seventy various figures and over fifteen thousand possible relations. It always makes it unpredictable and emotion-filled.

Forest of Liars free Download – Full Version PC

Forest of Liars download

Free Download!

Hardware requirements:

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