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Extraterrestrial Armies is a first person player shooter that resembles Call of Duty series, but this one is set in the future. Item we are describing, even though it’s nothing new at first glance (there are dozens of other FPS shooters), tempts with many elements you wouldn’t be able to find in other games of such kind. That’s the reason why you should find Extraterrestrial Armies Download

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Okay, let’s get to the point, which is… a plot

Extraterrestrial Armies is a connection of standard FPS with some type of Sci-Fi. The storyline of the game is set in the far future and it’s all about the clash of the armies of other factions. These factions – including ours – decided to fight for the last raw materials available on the planet. The thing that distinguishes Extraterrestrial Armies is certainly a modern battlefield. Player has access to various types of weapons that soldier of our times could only dream of. Additionally, there is also a large tactical aspect in the game, which makes the gameplay significantly harder. The hostiles in Extraterrestrial Armies isn’t just a cannon fodder, but experienced enemy, who might be a major challenge for the beginner.

In Extraterrestrial Armies we are dealing with extended tactical map connected with perfect physics what becomes an ideal solution. As a result, we can use not only our weapon in the fight but also structures that are characterized by a diverse resistance on the bullets. Huge positive in Extraterrestrial Armies is also the possibility to use in fights varied equipment. To move, we can use not only our legs but also greatly modernized vehicles that obviously have increased firepower, which is so important in the fight.

Few words about scripts…

Yes, Extraterrestrial Armies Download is a game largely scripted. However, it doesn’t mean that the gameplay is simplified. Obviously, as in any other FPS games, we are soaked in the scheme but hey, where one door shouts, another opens. A beautiful graphics that is hardly to come by on the positions like this, makes up for everything.

Few words about the graphics and game interface

As befits for this type of pc games, we have got a leading game in here. We roam around the fictional and modern world that in terms of graphics looks gorgeously. In the game, we have everything what classic FPS should have. A health bar, ammunition left in the equipment, and overall tactical map that gives us quick overview on the situation on the battlefield. The amount of weapons drawn attention as well. It lets us to exchange the fire on greater distance (sniper rifles, telescope etc.) as well as clash at smaller distance (grenade launchers). Active gun sight helps us in aiming. It becomes red when the opponent is in the sight. As you can see, this game is worth downloading even for the graphics and gameplay alone…


Extraterrestrial Armies Download – this is a position you should totally check out. It is supported by good graphics, unusual storyline and developing gameplay that allows us to integrate with environment and use a range of various weapons. You might be surprised, but guys, who are responsible for creating this studio are from… Iranian studio Raspina Entertainment. At first sight, we can see a typical “western” type of game.

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Extraterrestrial Armies Download

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