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Elex Download is a game from RPG genre, placed in not existing post-apocalyptic world where the creator of the game from German studio Piranha Bytes decided to combine advanced technology with elements of magic. The world premiere of this science fiction game is set to 2017. Worth to emphasize that game will be available in many different languages including your mother tongue. Piranha bytes studio cooperated with Nordic Games Company that takes full responsibility for releasing Elex PC.

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Elex Download

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The action of Elex is placed in post-apocalyptic, very gloomy world. Magic and advanced technology are things that normal world didn’t see and probably won’t see in many years. The player starts the game on the planet called Magalan, which was “attacked” by a meteorite many years ago. This incident caused that civilization that lived there extinguished but some people have survived and on the ruins of their civilization they created the new world. But the meteorite brought not only destruction but something else as well. Something mysterious that world have never seen before, Elex element. This particular element is used in production of weapons and also, have magic purposes. But there are side effects from using Elex, the user’s body is degenerating. That is the special side effect of Elex.

Still people fight without a break for extraction of this element. After the meteorite incident remnant people of Magalan started to divide into camps, one of them is camp called Albs which is the strongest camp, people from there have imperialistic mind-set. Members of Albs camp lost their humanity due to overuse of Elex Download and they are driven only by their instinct. Albs are fighting with three other camps. First of them is Berserks, people from this camps are peaceful and they want to live in harmony with nature. The second one is Clerics camp and their technology is far greater than any other camp. The last are Exiles.

The players start the story as the general of Albs. He was betrayed by their own people and left alone for death or even the worse fate. But the general doesn’t surrender and fight for his life. He survives catastrophe and then wakes up in the berserk camp. Oh, there is one more thing, he doesn’t remember anything from his past. In this moment, our adventure starts. We have to control the general and in the meantime, fraternize with one three available, Clerics, Berserks or Exiles. Each camp has their own plan for the future and in exchange for our help the factions give our general some nice rewards, like magic or weapons or technology.

Hardware requirements are as follows: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 1 GB graphics card GeForce GTX 570 / Radeon HD 5870 or better, 20 GB HDD, Windows 7.8.10 64-bit. The game has only single mode unfortunately there is no multiplayer. The game is praised for very high graphic quality and also for not that high hardware requirements. If you are interested in Elex Download, get it on your computer and try yourself in it.

Elex Download – Full Version

Elex Free Download

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