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Dying Light

Download for free a full version of the game Dying Light Download! It is a production of the Techland polish studio. This is the action game with the open world, horror and survival which is presented from the first person perspective. You arrive in a town, which was patterned on Rio de Janeiro , impersonating one of the four heroes . The people of this town was infected with virus which turned them all into zombies. During the day zombie are rather passive but at nighttime extremely aggressive . Thus the game is divided into two parts. In daytime you look through the town to find weapons or some kind of sources and at night you have to defend yourself before the zombies.

Dying Light Download on PC

Dying Light Download

Free Download!

You can fight with the zombies using a melee weapon, rare firearm. In the Dying Light you can use such different arms as machetes, axes, hammers, poleaxes, sticks and many others. You can also create equipment by yourself by combining the useless things with weapon which give you a bonus to done injuries. In the mode of the role-playing campaign together with progress you are gaining more experience what can let you develop skills of your hero.

The typical feature of the Dying Light is the system of movements. The hero can climb up buildings and jump between them with impressive agility. Thanks to this you can tour every corner of the town. A dynamic change of day and night does not only lead you to the massacre with the zombies. Sometimes is better to run away from the enemies, especially during the night while the surrounding is changing diametrically and the fight to survive is going on.

In the game you can run up against the random events. Then you help someone or just avoid risk. The authors set up many side missions. The game works on the 6th generation of Chrome Engine so you can see the artwork on very high level. The full version of the Dying Light Download Free to your PC.

Dying Light Free Download Full Version

Dying Light Download

Free Download!

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