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A typical survival horror game is already available for free! Dead Space Download in the full version on your PC is here. The action mainly focuses on keeping our character alive. During game all the events will be observed in the third person view. Unlike other similar production in Dead Space action happens in modern times. The game was obviously prepared in Science-fiction atmosphere. Events in Dead Space tell the story of Isaac Clarke. Our protagonist is a very good engineer.

Dead Space Download on PC

dead space pc

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Everything starts when Isaac set off to one of the mining ships where his task is to examine a rescue signal, which was launched from this unit. While reaching the location we discover that whole crew of the ship was murdered and strange parasitical creatures, which represent the race of Necromorphs have taken control over their bodies. Isaac has to defeat mutated creatures and escape the ship. Dead Space was inspired by cinema classics like Event Horizon, Alien to a large extent. It offers us very dark mood in game. Download Dead Space and install full version of the game and experience a great adventure.

The game is not mindless shooter, in which we would have to eliminate all the monsters. This title refers to other various representatives of this genre, and mainly it wants to provide an amazing terror atmosphere. Powerful beings we are going to fight are challenge for every player. We will also roam around the ship in search of valuable information or useful items that can be used in the fight against creatures.

In Dead Space undoubtedly an interesting innovation are zero gravity duels. Graphics setting is mate at quite high level. Monsters that are lurking on our life were designed in very interesting way. There won’t be missing futuristic items of equipment. In most situations we will move at fairly low light conditions, which will certainly contribute to feelings of anxiety that accompanies us during exploring another rooms where monsters might be. Download and install in form of quick installer Dead Space on your PC computer. Do not let monsters hunt you don and start survival now!

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