Cities Skylines After Dark Download

Cities Skylines After Dark

Cities: Skylines – After Dark is a game that doesn’t need to be introduced for a players who knows this genre. Your job is to create the dream city. The dream city that will astonish and perform perfectly. There is a large surface of 36 square kilometers at player disposal. You can build there anything you think is right. Needless to say is the fact that it isn’t very easy and simple as you might think and you all can find out about that by turning on Cities Skylines. In order to build, you need to have financial resources, so player doesn’t need only an idea but he has to have something thanks to which he can accomplish it. Smart managing of the city has huge meaning. Player has to lead its city, determine the amount of taxes and make everything works flawlessly remembering about the areas of town can be poorer or richer, so we have to set the taxes to the financial capabilities of inhabitants. After Dark is first, very expanded addition to this fantastic game. If you already have it, click Cities Skylines After Dark Download and improve your game.

Cities Skylines After Dark Download DLC

Cities Skylines After Dark Download

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Addition to the Cities Skylines, as it was in case of game itself, was made by Finnish studio called Collosal Order and published like base game by Paradox Interactive. The most important part of this addition is providing daily cycle. As an interesting fact, it’s worth adding that with the release of the addition, daily cycle was included to the game update, so it isn’t only for those who own this addition. This mode makes the game more attractive as well as make it harder. As you know, depending the time of day, the amount of traffic might decrease or rise in the city. What’s more, residents can occupy their time with other activities. As someone who governs the city, you have to take it into account and ease the residents these actions in order to make your town working perfectly no matter what time of day is. Of course the traffic becomes more troublesome in certain time and it is quite varied, so you have to build additional roads and control the traffic too.

Cities: Skylines – After Dark is not only a change that focuses on introducing circadian cycle but something more. In connection with introducing the daily cycle, there is a possibility to create a lot of night buildings and a lot more functionalities related to the night life of the town. What is more, there is another interesting fact that appears in the game. There is possibility to locate trading area on the banks and prioritize beach specialization. Here, as well in other parts of addition, night means something, and the beach area works best in the evenings and at night, becoming full at this time. Another novelty are prisons where criminals caught by the police and taxis land. Yet last but not least new thing isn’t meaningless. The international airports, which are bigger than the ones we were building in the basic version of the Cities: Skylines.

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Owners of PCs with poorer quality of hardware will appreciate the fact that the addition doesn’t need higher computer performance. It doesn’t increase the load on the processor as well. Moderate PC performance will be enough and shouldn’t cause problems during installing the addition. If Cities: Skylines was enjoyable, this DLC will be nice as well, therefore we encourage everyone to download it. Full Version Cities Skylines After Dark Download and get the addition. Improve your game thanks to which you can obtain huge number of new possibilities. You will make it more beautiful and game will become more pleasing to play!

Cities Skylines After Dark Free Download

Cities Skylines Download

Free Download!

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