Borderlands 2 Download

Borderlands2 Download

Download Borderlands 2 and enjoy a great action game. If you are looking for good impressions and emotions of an evening just take matters into your own hands and download Borderlands 2 on your PC. It’s the further game of action series in FPP (first- person perspective) with a possibility of cooperation with other players on the mysterious place Pandora. The game producers have put changes on the game, for example they have added interesting weapons, special skills, different types of enemies and more else. Borderlands 2 is the sequel to 2009’s version which had good potential and demand and positive reviews as well. This game was developed by Gearbox Software and it is a continuation of role-playing game like e.g. Diablo.

Borderlands 2 Download on PC for Free

Borderlands 2 free version

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Do you want to have fun with friends? Download Borderlands 2 then! The play is set on the planet Pandora where you can explore grey areas. Delving into the plot you notice that the action is going on from the ending of the first game. In the game your enemy is Handsome Jack who is known as the biggest producer of firearm. He has named himself as a dictator of the planet Pandora. Players’ main task is to overpower him and take the lead.

Characters of Borderland 2 are the same like in its predecessor, however here Mordecai, Lilith and Brick are minor ones. In addition there are new characters as Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, Zero the Assassin and Axton the Commando. As you can notice it has led to the new classes of characters. Gunzeker can use two weapons once and he is a tank as well. Commando has good abilities to use automatic cannons. Assassin, on the other hand, can set traps for enemies and he does surprise attacks. Last but not least the, the Siren class which is known from the first game but also has new skills. In Borderland 2 are added new distinct additions to use.

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A major change you will notice in arms. The Gearbox Software producers have constructed all available weapons anew. In contrast to the first game, in Borderland 2 shooters are not differ only in statistic but in look and the way of working as well. The place where the game is set also has changed because now there is a completely different territory. So far Pandora has been only a dust bowl and now there are divers areas such as ice tundra, jungles or rocky highlands. The main attribute of this game is the cooperation mode due to which you can play with four persons online. The game was constructed in this particular way in order to have access to the innovative tactics of different players.

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