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Are you looking for the worthy successors of classic games? Now you got the opportunity to download full version of new production – Armikrog Download. This is a similar adventure to the well-known game The Neverhood released in 1996. Responsibility for releasing this piece of work falls on Doung TenNapel studio. They managed to unite the majority of the team under the new name, who worked on games such as those mentioned above or Earthworm Jim.

Armikrog Download PC

Armikrog Download

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Decide on the brilliant production, Armikrog Download in the full version and install on your computer. During the game we become a wanderer called Tommynaut, who roams around the world with his dog Beak-Beak. Unfortunately, their ship with which they traveled universe universe was damaged due to changing weather condition and they landed on an unknown planet. Herein, they were abducted to a secret place Armikrog.

Analogously to the events known from The Neverhood, everything in the game is made of plasticine and it’s animated using a system of stop-motion animation. It would seem that it is a relic, but despite the fact that the technology goes forward, it still hard to make a graphics in such a system. To assist in the performance of the visual site of the game, team of animators, sculptors, artists and puppeteers were convened. Ultimately, production looks great and it will cause goose bumps in more than just one person.

Unity graphics engine has been used for the game by the creators and production itself is nothing but an adventure game based on point-and-click action. Armikrog Download is considered by many to be worth successor of the legendary games, because of the fact that it has a lot of TenNapel comparable features. We can find here crazy humor, unique worlds and amazing adventure with story. For audio setting system very popular guy from The Neverhood named Terry S. Taylor is responsible.

Armikrog PC – Gameplay Trailer

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