Category: Arcade

Arcade games are a form of gameplay with a particular emphasis on the player’s manual abilities. A large number of different games belong to this category, notably platformers.

Interface and the gameplay’s specifics

Most arcade games are set in a two-dimensional interface. It applies especially to the above mentioned platformers, some of which came around back in the 80s and 90s, when the graphic interfaces were not as expanded as now. In the arcade productions the player’s main task is to relatively quick and smooth moving around the particular locations, using a wide range of manual skills. The player’s role may be, for instance, to beat certain enemies, but also picking artefacts or other prizes.

Kinds of games

Arcade games are not only particular productions such as the popular Mario Bros or Tank 1990. They are also a number of minigames which we may come across in the more ”advanced” action games. These games’ characteristic feature is a lack of storyline, or presenting it in a very limited form. In the more expanded arcade production we can also find a wide assortment of weapons, with which the player can fight his way through swarms of opponents.

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Goat Simulator: GoatZ steam

Goat Simulator GoatZ Download

Second, quite big addition that can be downloaded for free in full version entitled Goat Simulator GoatZ Download on PC computers. Amazing arcade game with a goat as main character that dominates simulator markets since …