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Act of Aggression

French strategy game made by Eugen Systems team that is popular thanks to titles like R.U.S.E. or Wargame. Download full version of Act of Aggression for free on your computer. Game was created as a successor other RTS which is Act of War. As previous production, this one is classic strategy placed in the future.

Act of Aggression Download on PC

Act of Aggression Download

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Action Act of Aggression begins in 2020, in the times of economic crisis. Game is held in a mood of political thriller. In this world there is criminal organisation that is called The Cartel. It tries to accomplish goals appointed by itself. They have got very modern technologies, stolen weapon prototypes and agents that operate in the shadows. Against them United Nations has called organization called Chimera and their goal is to eliminating military conflicts. Between them there is also the American army, greatly weakened by continuous wars in last two decades. However, it has experienced combat veterans.

Game is based on standard principles in RTS genre. Before we attack the enemy, we have to build our base, collect resources and recruit the army. There are four types of resources and the money that will be needed to develop new technologies. They are divided into three trees development. Obvious is that securing supply lines will be very important task, because raw materials must be transported to the base if we want to use them for production. Act of Aggression Download for free in full version on your PC – try yourself as a commander of your own troops and defeat your enemies.

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Buildings can be placed only on the spots near the main base but there is no limits if we talk about its quantity. These buildings can be expanded whether you need it or not. At the same time we can have plenty of bases if we want to increase the amount of extracted materials. In Act of Aggression we will have approximately 70 units for our disposal starting from infantry through various vehicles, choppers or jets. Along with experience they acquire, we can assign different specializations like anti-tank, anti-aircraft, anti infantry and special skills. Terrain is very important tactical factor, our soldiers may hide from the enemy beyond the hill or in buildings. Keep in mind that every construction can be destroyed. The day and night cycle is also present in the game.

They couldn’t miss the online mode – multiplayer. Game offers us possibility to fight vast battles between players even 20 against 20. Multiplayer games will be battled thanks to Internet connection. Full version is available for free as a quick installer. Act of Aggression Download on your computer PC. Test your strategic and tactical skills and win every battle.

Free Download Act of Aggression full version on PC

full version Act of Aggression

Free Download!

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